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EP 03 : The Death Doula’s

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This week we welcome Erin Merelli and Lauren Carroll, founders of the Deathwives collective. Deathwives was founded to teach others about the history and practices of death work and seek to honor sacred traditions, remove stigmas around death, empower collective grieving, and create a safe space for community, connection, and support. 


In this episode, we uncover The Dirt on Erin & Lauren. 

  1. Defining a death doula and death work. 

  2. The loss of ritual in death and grieving and societies drift in end-of-life care. 

  3. Facing fears around dying and death, as we explore their fundamental belief that death is a natural part of life and how not to stop the process but facilitate it. 

  4. The dividing line between death doulas and hospice care providers.

  5. The process and beauty of a home funeral. 

  6. How to become a death doula. 

  7. And the theme song for the death doula industry.

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