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When someone dies, naturally or most unnaturally, a journey of discovery, inquisition, ritual, justice, and healing begins. A person’s death may end their existence, yet still, the body remains, launching a trail leading from the crime scene to the final resting ground. 
Body to Burial is a new podcast that follows this far-reaching journey—plus the related and sometimes unexpected side trails that follow—from the perspective of the professionals who deal with it every day. After all, the body's path is rarely direct, and many different people are often involved.
Each week we bring you exclusive, in-depth, unscripted conversations with death and death-adjacent professionals. The goal is to better understand the intricacies of their field and examine the physical, mental, and emotional toll that comes from making a living off of crime and death. These casual, easygoing conversations serve as a welcome relief from the heavy nature of the true-crime world while staying in the same universe.
Join us for a deep dive into the people and processes involved with death—

from body to burial.

Behind The Voices

Behind The Voices

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Meet, Mariya. 

I'm a native Southern Californian, now Tennessean. 
My life "necessities" include Disney - movies, parks, and cruises; I'm here for all of them. Patron margaritas on the rocks with salt, Mexican Food, Friday night movie night with my kids, quote boards (I'm a sucker for a good quote). I have an unhealthy addiction to junior mints, gummy bears, and peanut butter M&M's, and I guess you better add Diet Coke to that last too. I believe that 80's music is magical; it can truly cure even the worst of days. 

I question the necessity of snakes as a species almost daily. I hate horror movies. Give me all the serial killer/true crime documentaries all day, but a horror movie is a hard pass for me. Odd, I know. 

So why host a podcast? Well, the truth is when my kids were born, I lost myself. I lost freedom, friendships, a career, and lots of sleep. I lost the world I had built and knew. But turns out losing myself was the best thing to ever happen to me. 

I found new passions and interests. And more importantly, I wanted to show my kids that you are allowed to have a variety of interests. Develop new goals, change directions - and that betting on yourself is the best gamble to make. 

So here I am, out here on the airwaves. 

Thank you for supporting us and this podcast coming to you live from my kitchen table, covered in Legos. I'm beyond grateful you are listening. 

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Meet, Niki.

I am born and raised in Southern California. Lego sets are my jam (but seriously, you should see our game room – all sorts of sets built and displayed – may or may not be one of my proudest accomplishments). I love Harry Potter, books of any kind, coloring books, and watching and judging baking shows. While I’m not a baker of any sorts in real life - in my head I’m a baking championship winner. And of course, true crime docs, oh and supernatural anything. Aliens, yes. Ghosts, yes!


Now, while I should have a profession in a crime scene unit or the FBI….while I wait for Quantico to call I pay the bills by being a Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist. The hair salon is a magical place, secrets spill. Maybe it’s dye courage, verse the liquid kind, but a hair salon is second best to therapist couch. The number of great conversations I get to have in my week is literally incredible – I wouldn’t change my profession for the anything (that is unless the FBI calls). 


The other bit of myself that gives me life is my boys, when I’m not working, I love to hang out with my family and watch my boys find their own passions. It brings me so much joy to watch them play baseball, go dirt biking, and just be kids.


The podcast, let’s talk about that. Little did I know that the lady I met at my son's preschool pick up, seven years ago would someday convince me to do a podcast. The fact that I’m a podcast host still sounds scary, as I am very much a creature of habit and this far outside my comfort zone. But I’m truly excited to see where it goes! So, thanks for supporting us while we find our voices. 

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